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Policy Publications is an independent research and publishing company which specialises in producing research reports that help managers develop world-class company performance.


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Benchmarking: Winning Business Benchmark

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Winning Business Benchmark: The benchmarking service that helps organisations to win new business

  • Benchmark your company against most successful competitors
  • Compare your performance with other companies on 128 key issues
  • Highlight your company’s unique top ten issues for improvement

Policy Publications in association with the University of Luton
For your company... a unique database service that focuses on key sales improvement issues

Winning new business in a keenly competitive industry is never easy.

Benchmark your approach to winning competitive bids
Have you ever wondered how your win rates at competitive bidding compare with those of companies in general? How does your approach to winning bids differ from that of other companies and critically how do your practices and approach compare with those of the companies that are most successful at competitive bidding? What do they focus upon and do that you don’t?

To answer such questions you can now benchmark how your company goes about winning business against the approaches of over 400 companies in the winning business database to obtain a bespoke benchmarking report which compares your performance against both average achievers and the most successful. The twenty page report highlights where you are most behind the successful companies in areas that are crucial for successful bidding.

Bespoke Benchmarking Report: A Bidding for Business Database.
Bespoke Benchmark is a unique database which helps you benchmark your own company’s performance against more than 400 other companies.

You discover how you perform on 128 different activities and issues connected with winning new business . And because the database lets you compare your performance with other companies, you can see at a glance how your company performs both against the average and -- critically -- those companies that are most successful at winning new business.

It couldn't be easier to benchmark your own company against others on the database.

When you place your order from this website, you will be sent a questionnaire. First, you will be asked to complete this tick box questionnaire. It focuses on 128 different issues grouped under 16 main questions. Involve colleagues in completing the questionnaire -- you may find it stimulates lively debate!

Next, return the questionnaire to Policy Publications at the address on the form.

When we have received your payment and questionnaire, we input the data from your questionnaire to our purpose-built database.

At all times, your results remain completely confidential. Nobody, apart from you, ever sees your own results.

When we've input the results, we'll print out and send you a unique 20-page report. The report which is produced in a smart two-colour format suitable for use in high-level meetings, comes in five sections:

  1. Explains how to interpret the figures in the report's statistical tables based on the questionnaire format.
  2. Compares your company against the average of all other companies in the database. The database contains detailed data from 400 companies and will continue to grow as new firms' results are added -- providing you with a dynamic source for regular benchmarking.
  3. Compares your company against the results from the most successful companies -- those that win more than half their pitches for new business.
  4. Provides you with your own unique top ten action issues -- those where your company’s performance falls furthest behind the most successful.
  5. Explains how to use your Bespoke Benchmarking Report: A Bidding for Business Database report in conjunction with Winning New Business: the Critical Success Factors to develop an action plan for continuous improvement in your company's sales and marketing programme.

Never before has there been such a practical tool... so uniquely focused on the issues that are important to you. Because Bespoke Benchmarking Report: A Bidding for Business Database provides hard statistics -- rather than unsubstantiated opinions -- it helps to crystallise debate in your own company about where your priorities lie.

Moreover, because Bespoke Benchmark focuses on those issues that are most important to your firm, it helps you to channel limited resources to where they can make most impact.

To benchmark your company, place your order now so you can start completing the questionnaire. It's the first step to boosting your company’s business development power.

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