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Benchmarking: Purchasing Benchmark

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Purchasing Benchmark: The benchmarking service that helps organisations to purchase more effectively

  1. Benchmark your organisation against most successful peers and rivals
  2. Compare your performance with other organisations on 137 issues
  3. Highlight your organisation's unique top ten issues for improvement

Policy Publications in association with the University of Luton
For your organisation...a database service that focuses on key purchasing issues.

Now is a good time to review purchasing strategy. Far too many purchasing teams focus on short-term issues and do not contribute to the formulation of corporate strategy, building customer value or the development of new products. They fail to strike up and sustain relationships with external suppliers that might both help them to control costs and improve the quality of their offerings.

Now there is Purchasing Benchmark: a unique independent database which helps you benchmark your own firm's performance against some 300 other organisations.

You discover how you perform on 137 different activities and issues connected with purchasing. Because the database lets you compare your performance with other organisations, you can see at a glance how your organisation performs both against the average and -- critically -- those organisations that are most successful at securing the benefits of effective purchasing.

Purchasing Benchmark takes the guesswork out of wondering how your performance stacks up against peers and rivals. It replaces speculation with hard facts.

Take something as basic as the benefits you are seeking from purchasing or how the purchasing function should be organised. How do your achievements compare with those of other organisations? Should you centralise the function? Would you be better off with a smaller but more able purchasing team? How does your organisation treat purchasing or account for the costs of purchasing?

Then there's the questions of relationships with suppliers, the use of IT in commissioning and procurement, outsourcing, internationalisation, measuring performance and the future of purchasing. The benchmark shows what your peers and rivals consider important in these areas -- and how you compare with them. How integrated is your approach? What technologies and tools should you use? What activities should you outsource?

Across the full range of issues connected with purchasing – a key corporate activity -- Purchasing Benchmark provides hard facts.

This bespoke and confidential service represents a practical tool... uniquely focused on the issues that are important to you. Because Purchasing Benchmark provides hard statistics -- rather than unsubstantiated opinions -- it can help to crystallise debate in your own organisation about where your priorities lie.

Moreover, because Purchasing Benchmark focuses on those issues that are most important to your organisation, it helps you to channel finite resources to where they can make most impact.

To benchmark your organisation, start completing the questionnaire now. It's the first step to improving the effectiveness of your purchasing.

Purchasing Benchmark is operated by Policy Publications, an independent publishing company.

How to benchmark your organisation …
It couldn't be easier to benchmark your organisation against others on the database.

  1. Place your order on this website and you will be sent a questionnaire.
  2. Complete the tick box questionnaire and return it to Policy Publications at the address on the form. It focuses on 137 different issues. Involve colleagues in completing the questionnaire -- you may find it stimulates lively debate!
  3. When we receive your payment and questionnaire, we input the data from your questionnaire to our purpose-built database. At all times, your results remain completely confidential. Nobody, apart from you, ever sees your own results.
  4. When we've input the results, we'll print out and send you a unique 15-page statistical report. We usually mail benchmarking reports within seven working days of receiving a payment and completed questionnaire.

A unique report on your organisation's performance...

Your Purchasing Benchmark report is produced in a format suitable for use in high-level meetings. It comes in five sections:

  1. Executive summary. A high-level summary of the findings plus an introduction on how to interpret the figures. This provides useful advice about interpreting the figures in the 15 page statistical report.
  2. Comparison of your firm with the average of all others in the database. Tables show percentages from all organisations in the database against each of the 137 issues. Your organisation's performance on each issue is displayed for easy comparison. There is a useful commentary which draws your attention to some of the key issues you may want to explore.
  3. Comparison of your organisation with those organisations that win most benefits from their purchasing functions. Tables show percentages only from most successful organisations in the database against each of the 137 issues. Your firm's performance on each issue allows easy comparison. There is more commentary which focuses on issues which may be important.
  4. Top ten action checklist. This provides you with your own unique top ten action issues -- those where your organisation's performance falls furthest behind the most successful. See, at a glance, those areas which may require the most urgent attention.
  5. How to make best use of your report. This explains how to use your Bespoke Benchmark report to develop an action plan for continuous improvement.

Many ways to use your benchmarking report...

  • Discover how you compare against other organisations... and the most successful at securing the benefits of effective purchasing.
  • Focus debate in your organisation with hard facts on those issues that really matter... and the most important areas for priority improvement.
  • Identify any deficiencies in the approaches of your purchasing function and take steps to rectify it.
  • Measure your improvement against other organisations on a regular basis to gain a dynamic view of your performance.

Purchasing Benchmark
Focus on the benefits you gain...

  • Benchmarks your organisation’s performance against the average and best among peers and rivals in the database.
  • Provides a real-world view of your organisation's purchasing performance.
  • Provides a discussion document to focus staff on how to improve your organisation's performance.
  • Stimulates debate on the crucial issues you need to tackle.
  • Provides a source of dynamic data to measure your own progress at regular intervals against your peers.

Start benchmarking your purchasing here ...

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