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Policy Publications is an independent research and publishing company which specialises in producing research reports that help managers develop world-class company performance.


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Winning New Business in Advertising...the Critical Success Factors

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Cover of: Winning New Business in Accountancy...the Critical Success Factors Winning New Business in Advertising...the Critical Success Factors

  • Real life experience of professional firms
  • Focus on issues that increase business win rates
  • Discover best practice among other consultancies and professional firms
  • Learn new marketing strategies and techniques
  • Essential reading for business development professionals and practice leaders

Selling consultancy and professional services is getting harder all the time in the face of more discriminating clients, a sharper focus on value-for-money results and tougher international competition. Drawing upon data on 128 activities and issues concerned with winning business and interviews to gain further insights these reports provide comparisons with the most successful and average performers. They examine why firms want to secure more business and the different roles people play in the process. They reveal why some firms are better than others at getting business from certain sources, making themselves attractive to potential clients, winning new business from existing clients and proactively seeking new business through different techniques. They also examine qualification, proposal preparation, negotiating a successful close and learning from new business pitches.

Table of Contents:
Executive summary
Developing new business
Winning an invitation to bid
Selecting the best prospects
Preparing the proposal
Making the pitch
Negotiating to a successful close
Learning lessons from the best
Appendix 1: Statistics
Appendix 2: Further reading

Published by Policy Publications in association with the Institute of Practitioners in Advertising and the University of Luton

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